Nigerian OAP Daddy Freeze who is a fan of expensive and luxurious designers wrist watch has called out Nigerian celebrities who go after the cheap and fake versions.

It was earlier reported that Hushpuppi had urge Nigerian celebrities not stop using pirated products as they don’t appreciate others pirating their own work. This did not sink down properly has he received a lot of clap back for this statement.

Well Daddy Freeze is one of those men that do not care what any one will say concerning his thought.

The Free The Sheeple leader has urged Nigerian celebrities to live a life that they can afford rather than a fake filled live.

He said;

“Guys, ACT YOUR WAGE!!! Don’t fake what you are not, live within your means!! I know someone who went to jail for 5 years selling fake jeans, you heard right; ‘True Religion’ jeans sent him to prison!!! If you can’t afford a real Rolex, Patek or Audemars, buy Seiko, Citizen, Timex or Swatch. I have never seen a greater concentration of fake watches anywhere on the globe, than in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Gospel musicians, upcoming pastors, OAPs etc aren’t left out of this idiocy. Statements like “My Rolex is not Fake I bought it for N350k” only serve to showcase the ignorance of many entertainers.

There is NO ROLEX, AUDEMARS, PATEK, RICHARD MILLE OR VACHERON for N350k! ITS FAKE AS HELL! The cheapest Rolex starts from about $5-6k do the math! Even second hand will still set u back circa $2k for a deadbeat and practically mutilated piece. So a brand new luxury watch for N350k is fake o! Up to 90% of the watches in the industry are FAKES!! Now, it’s not just image fraud, when you try to act like you are larger than your true worth, it’s a proper crime that can earn you time behind bars! So please, throw those bescumbered Folexes, Pafakes and Fraudemars into the bin before they send your doltish as* to prison, where the fake money you show off on the Gram won’t post your bail! ~FRZ.”

Recently Daddy Freeze has just launch his own personal church, although it does not have a particular edifice it is only convene online.