The head pastor of free the Sheeple online church Daddy Freeze has called out kiss Daniel after he was busted for wearing a fake designer’s jacket.

As expected by many Nigerians who by now knows what the Controversial OAP Daddy Freeze can do, they definitely will not be surprised he commented on this, but only surprised with the cool manner he used.

Now that he is pastors a church it seems he is on break with criticizing Pastors but he has turned his attention to Nigerian celebrities.

He recently advised celebrities in Nigerian not to patronize fake products whatsoever that as they do not want their work to be pirated so does these companies also do not want to lose money.

His recent call out involves Kiss Daniel who was busted yesterday for putting on a fake Louis Vuitton jacket. React to the news, Daddy Freeze wrote:

“I love everything about @iamkissdaniel. My kids and I love his music and his personality and I do believe this won’t happen again. I believe he won’t be happy if people pirate his intellectual property leading to revenue loss for him, the same applies to LV. Wearing counterfeit products is actually a crime! ~FRZ”.