Life becomes interesting and engaging when there is a reason to live for. Waking up becomes something to look forward to, a new day is a new opportunity for something great, and every individual met is an untapped potential to be mined. Life is thus full of life.


On the contrary, life is boring and cruel when man takes the place of robots or machines; doing the same thing over and again every time. There is no challenge but frustration and anger, no enthusiasm but pain and regrets. Life becomes unlived and an agony.

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Everyday is an opportunity to be a better you. Lessons are embedded in each day meant to be learnt and put to judicious use. But how will you learn the lessons when you are not even living? How will life be eventful and engaging when what you do is boring and sapping?


Life is yours to enjoy not to endure. Daily lessons of life are meant to turn your experience around for good. You are to be your best by living for the dreams but not being a slave. You are a free born! Colonialism is a thing of the past; be free from its residues. Work your dreams and live the life.