The Iju Lion and the Shakushaku king, popularly known has Danny s is no doubt one of the trending Nigerian musicians out there, with an excellent performance all over, wowing fans with hit songs and outstanding stage performances, especially with his latest banger Ege, which has brought him this fame, Daniel Olabode Sunday, popularly known as Danny S has shown that commitment with perseverance matter alot in any business, in an interview with in a studio at Abule Egba area in Lagos State , the Iju Lion shed some lights on the argument going on in the public about the originator of Shakushaku.

What is your view about the rumour going on in the public about the originator of Shakushaku? Shaola shaola, Iju Ishaga,Iju Ishaga, gbese, call me Danny s o. Like i do say,no man is perfect, and so far you are in this life,you cannot say you are the owner of something. we are all running the race,and for me,I know I am doing my things all alone, I do not base my songs on only street,I belong everywhere.

I am not going to fight for myself,my people will fight for me,because they know where Shakushaku comes from,they know who is the champion and they know the best man,but for me,all the way from Iju,all the way from Charly temple awon Shakushaku,awa gan o kin se Omo jakujaku. I am not gonna fight for myself,people know the Iju Lion,call me Danny S.

Bro let the people out there judge,they know the Originator, Journalist, nobody fit tell me say you yellow because me know say you black,as you yourself dey interview me now,nobody fit talk say I carry black hair o,you know say na gold hair wey get dada I carry. See Press man, anyone can come out and claim anything, but as I said earlier on, I will not fight for myself,I will allow the public to speak for me. More stories on it as time goes on.