David Oyelowo is now naturalized in the United States after many years of living in the country. Thanks to Hollywood actress Zoe Saldana whose husband, Marco Perego  also received his citizenship the same day with David. She was the one who has shared the good news.

Zoe announced  “My Mom Has Been A Citizen Since She Was A Young Girl. Her Mother Arrived In NYC In 1961 And Brought My Mother From Dominican Republic When She Was 10. My Sisters And I Are Indebted To Them Both. Because Of Them We Are American Women. So Proud She Is Here Supporting Marco! Oh Check Out Who Is Getting Their Naturalization Today Too… David Oyelowo And His Wife!!!!! Congrats! #Newuscitizen”

David has done a lot of great movies  and has understood what diversity is all about “I think in terms of the whole diversity and inclusion issue, we need to go past talking about it and actually just do it,”he said. “And I think the Academy is doing that. For me, I actively look for projects that showcase people of color. That to me is doing it. To actively look for female directors is doing it, as opposed to talking about it. If we all decide to just do it, the change will come.”