Many have become wise  to know that only a fool would place all eggs in a basket. Life is full of surprises so it is very necessary for one to be fully ready at all times.

Having a backup plan is key, because no one knows when adversaries would come knocking. This is the reason why you see most of our celebrities indulging themselves in different things to make end means.

As a star, it is a season, not everyone would be privileged to become relevant forever, so it’s essential that at the time an entertainer acquires fame and wealth, planning and investing for future purposes is necessary.

Having the same point of view, Falz decided to advice his colleagues as he made it known that an artiste cannot remain relevant forever.

In his words: “as an artiste you need to secure your future, you can never be there for life, you need to invest, so don’t put your eggs in one basket.”