Anytime anything happens that it shouldn’t be is quite embarrassing to me.

There was a time I was performing on a stage in Guinea. I wore a corset that zipped up in the front and while I was performing, the crowds were screaming and I was excited that they were enjoying the show.

But then I was getting a signal from an aide and I was like ‘why is she trying to attract my attention?’ I looked at her direction and she said ‘your corset is down’ and I looked and said ‘oh my God, my corset has gone down’.

I pulled it up and said to the crowd ‘you people are wonderful, you didn’t even tell me that my corset is down’ they just cheered.

My br*ast didn’t really show much but I was just thinking if she had not told me and I had not known, it would have gone lower and obviously that would have been a major cause for embarrassment but thank God, it did not happen.