Nollywood which is home for Nigerian actors and Nigeria as a nation would have been thrown into a state of confusion and wailing after the horrible accident that occurred.

A coaster bus containing a lot of Nollywood actors was involved in a accident and to the glory of God no life was lost.

The actors were on a return trip from a burial ceremony they had attended in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

The actors who were on board on the bus were actors who are members of the Imo State Chapter of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

The burial ceremony was in honor of the sister to the national chairman of AGN Emeka Rollas, and this accident took place along Onitsha/Owerri road.

The accident was not involved with another vehicle; it was a self-caused accident as the coaster bus veered off the main road, no live was lost in this tragic encounter.

Some actors came out of the crash without a scratch on them while others had sustained some injury.

Death has been evaded, all Glory to God.