One of Lagos state lawmakers, Hon. Desmond Elliot cum actor, has ward into the anger some Nigerians have been expressing towards foreign media on the way they portray Nigerian whenever something good is about to happen.

Some days back, some Nigerians get angry and threw abusive words at popular cable channel, CNN Africa, after they had described facebook CEO, Mark Zukerberg’s visit to Nigeria as visiting Sub-Saharan Africa.

Some Nigerians who got a glimpse of their description wasted no time in venting out their anger at the station but Desmond, who understood the anger of his people had to come out to calm them down by noting that no matter what, every Nigerian had the right to defend its country but the abuse should not come all the time.

In his words, “OK… ma peeps ermmmmmm I understand the anger oo. On a positive note let’s always defend the integrity of our Nation even against tribalistic forces. CNN just they hear about us . *no be every time we go dey abuse shaaaa.”