Alhaji Ibrahim Bida,an Ambassadorial nominee from Niger state who is currently serving in Turkey could not recite the Nigerian National anthem when the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs asked him to do so.

Ibrahim happens to be among the 47 ambassadorial nominees undergoing screening. He started very well but on getting to the pledge, he began to mix up the wordings.

It was very dramatic when all the 47 ambassadorial nominees who were undergoing screening, including its Chairman, Senator Munsirat Sunmonu started laughing until James Manager completed the anthem for him.

In other to test his knowledge about foreign economic blueprint, he explained how China was able to develop their internal economy by shutting down its door to import from other nations while focusing on their domestic policy approach.

He added that the situation of the country would be better if Nigeria configure its foreign policies having the interest of benefitting from sources abroad.