The rate at which ritual crimes are being committed in Nigeria is becoming so alarming especially at this perios of recession. The police at Ijebu Igbo division of Ogun state has apprehended four ritualists with fresh human hearts in Ijebu Igbo.

The suspects who all confessed to the crime were: Nurudeen Adeniyi, 34, Tunde Banjo, 29, Temitope Alaba 20, and Tobi Olukoya , 20. They said that the lady was trying to resist their sexual advances so they hit her with a charm and she became numb.

They took her to the house of Banjo (herbalist office) where she was slayed . Nurudeen Adeniyi  a cement and rice seller and an Alfa said he needed a human heart  and other female genitals for what he called eyonu, ebe a won agba.

Tunde Banjo, 29, herbalist, suspect said he was not there when the lady was killed but he allowed them use his herbalist office.

Narrating his own side of the story was 20-years-old Temitope Alaba  who said,”I was there when they killed the girl but I wasn’t the one that killed her. I am an herbalist apprentice.The girl was killed with a knife.It was Tobi and ‘Asa’ (nickname) that killed the girl.

They brought her from Ago Iwoye area.When the lady was resisting sexual advances from them, they hit her with a charm and she couldn’t say anything again.

Tobi Olukoya  one of the suspects said he was told to lure a lady to their apartment and once he does, he would be given 30,000.

“I was outside, I don’t know how pepe and Tope killed her.They told me they needed women breast and private part and if I could lure a girl to their place, they would give me 30 thousand naira.But they only gave me 500 naira to go and eat after the operation.I picked them from Ago garade.

human heart.png

Confirming the incident was the Commissioner of Police Ahmed Iliyasu who condemned the rate of cannibalism in the country assuring that perpertrators of such act must face the ful wrath of the law.

“You can see a recession of human being back to cannibalism and we would not allow that, that is why when out operatives got this information, we quickly swung into action and rounded them up.

We have interviewed them. That is bestial and we cannot allow that. We have carried out our constitutional duties by arresting them,” he said.