From the look of things,it seems female celebrities are getting scared to marry these days because of the high rate of divorce in the showbiz industry.

In a recent interview,plus-sized Nollywood actress Adaora Ukoh opens up about her marriage plans.

I have no plan for marriage.So they should leave me alone.Why should people think that marriage is the solution to every girl’s problem.

There is so much attached to marriage.Rushing into it is making a lot of us get into the wrong hands.Divorce is now the norm amongst Nigerian celebrities.I am not saying it won’t happen,it will happen when it will.Besides,that is not the solution to my problem.

It will come very soon,because it is actually around the corner.I am only asking God for direction,because I don’t wish to go in and come out.So they should stop asking me such embarrassing question.(Laughs) I am still very single for now.

Asked,what kind of man are you looking up to ?She said Over time,I have found out that you just need to marry your friend,considering the nature of our job.You need someone who will understand you.I don’t look forward to marrying someone from the blues,because you might end up marrying your fan if you marry such.So,really,I am going to marry someone I grew up with.Someone who has been there for a while,someone who is my friend because there would be basic understanding.

If I start a relationship with just any man which I have tried,I will end up marrying my fan who will be looking at his Idol on the screen and not the real me.