This question is vital considering women crave for clothes.

A woman changes clothes daily hence fashion design capitalize on this and bring out as many styles as possible. But do clothes make women this smack another controversy as many believe that an ugly girl can be changed in a twinkle by a dazzling dress.

Another school holds that misshaped women can be shapened by good designs. Let’s look at this critically. A certain cloth common among the Efiiks called “Oyonyo” is so designed that it fits every woman. This is so because the different statistics that make up the woman is not shown.

And this begs for more questions. What of the face? Some postulation indicates that the face could be treated. Yes, some faces can undergo plastic surgery to the admiration of the opposite sex.

Beside, the charm of the clothes can add something extra to whoever wears them. Let’s put it another way. Some women have beautiful faces but bad shape. Such women can hardly stand the test of tight dresses where the different outlines are shown. But there could be something rare in their faces. An added smile can make all the difference and people’s boredom can be relieved by her presence. Although, it is generally accepted that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but, is it? This is another area of controversy.

Back to the discourse, it has been hinted that clothes can change an ugly girl, we should take a look she is clothless, under that situation nothing hides. Can clothes, then make such a woman? This is the crux of the matter and the area of deep controversy. May be a feed back is necessary, may be not.

But there are many unanswered questions. Why do women pile clothes in botes (portmanteaus) till old age? Why do they care so much for the type of clothes they wear?

Why are they conscious of their clothes at any time? These question need your answers.