These days of social media where some people are desperate to show off “questionable” riches, just to intimidate others and feel among, it takes a clean hand a d a clean heart for one to live a decent life.

 Today every jobless Nigerian man is a businessman. Every Yahoo Yahoo boy is a businessman. Every 419 and drug dealer is a businessman. Every layabout, rogue, kidnapper and criminal is a businessman.

For every dubious person who doesn’t have an honest definition of what he does for a living; it’s easy to hide under the guise of doing business or he calls himself a businessman.

Let us take a look at these scenarios; they are real life stories of men who claimed they are businessmen and had beautiful wives they slept with every night but these women never knew what they did for a living. They all told their wives they were businessmen.

Act 1 Scene1
It was five days to Christmas and everyone was excited. John was super excited; he boasted to everyone he would be spending his Christmas in Dubai. He bought drinks for his friends and he even threw a loud party. His wife packed his bag for his trip to Dubai and everyone knew this Christmas would be different. Three days to Christmas, John got a call and after the call he told his wife he would be traveling to Ondo to a seal deal. His wife expected him to return the next day but he didn’t and all his phones were switched off. A day before Christmas, John’s corpse was splashed on the covers of all national newspapers and beside him was a Ghana must go bag. John was one of the armed robbers that were shot dead during a bank robbery in Ondo State. For John’s wife, that year’s Christmas was different.

Act 1 Scene 2
Felix married his secondary school sweetheart and both were inseparable. They have two teenage sons and the last child, a girl, was in primary six. Felix was a hustler but he couldn’t hold a job for too long. He traveled a lot out of the country. He has been to different countries but his wife wondered why he never took them on his trips. Felix had money and he spoilt his family silly. Few times, his wife would ask him what exactly he went to those countries for. He gave her reasons but she wasn’t convinced. On his last trip, he had told his wife and children they would be spending the summer holidays in Spain. They were excited. However, Felix never came back home. He called from jail in China once and wept bitterly. He is now on death row for doing drugs. His wife now sells fruits at the bus stop.

These are not made up stories. At least the case of Evans is still fresh for all to learn from. It is good to live right and grow into something better.