Tales are told of a wife who went to an herbalist to get a good love potion for her philandering husband. After use, the husband died and the herbalist ended up marrying the woman.

Another is told of a playboy husband who, after being fed the original Ijebu love potion, would follow his wife all about like Mary’s lamb and patiently wait at home for his wife when told to do so, cook, clean the house and wash the woman’s underwear to the bargain.

There is also this story of the rich Ogbomosho illiterate trader who had to resort to love potion to ‘conquer’ his queen. People still wonder why this beauty would marry the ‘beast’. She is a combination of beauty and brain, but she looks contented sitting at the man’s shop all day doing nothing.
Tales, tales and more tales…

This young married man would always retire to the nearby beer parlour to unwind and wait for the traffic to abate. He is unarguably one of the highest spenders at that joint. He would buy drinks for people who kept him company and was generous with tips. This made the madam of the joint to serve him fresh fish laced with love potion. Five years on, the guy has not returned home!
What exactly is love potion? It is said to be a traditionally made concoction, usually prepared by the herbalist for interested individuals. It is for the purpose of buying over the heart of whomever it is meant for. It is used to control one’s reasoning of the mind, especially used as a remote control for love.

So, does love potion really exist?