It’s been seven solid years since Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon had her first and only child taken from her by her ex-husband, ace movie director, Daniel Ademonikan, to the United States. Add that to the the kid’s age, 2, at the time, and Doris is all joy as she still celebrates his 9th birthday, irrespective of the painful separation.

According to information available to Celeb Police, Doris’ son, David, was separated from her in a manner reminiscent of Hollywood hit movie Taken. According to her, her then husband’s plan was shrouded in secrecy and she never knew where he took her son. The father had told her that he wanted to go and see his mother and took the kid with him. She didn’t suspect anything because they usually went out together. But, alas, that was the last time she saw her then two-year-old son.

Despite the painful separation and the herculean task of securing custody for her son, Doris Simeon had found strength to hold on, choosing to celebrate him, even if from a distance. From the look of things, her ex-hubby has not shown any signs of allowing the kid to rejoin her back in Nigeria. Still, all of that has not stopped Doris from sharing a her affection for her son as she wrote him on her Instagram:

“Its ur day booboo, love of my life my sweetest, the most handsome young man I know, my all in all, my boyfriend, my super 9. Wow omo ikin pe dagba O. U will celebrate 90, 100, 200……………. Years Ijn. Mummy love’s u endlessly. Till I die and even after #davidademinokan.” (sic)

Doris Simeon got separated from her husband seven years ago after their marriage fell apart for reasons bordering on irreconciliable differences. But after his abduction of their son, according to Doris’ story, and filing for divorce, things got messy. Doris suspecting foul play also filed her own counter divorce and custody claims. But all that have not seemed to yield any result as the boy still remains in America with his dad and Stella Damasus. What can a mother do? Celebrating his birthday does keep hope alive, you’ll agree.