Once upon a time, John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson were so close that it was difficult to believe that they were not dating secretly. They were seen everywhere and had an enviable relationship in the make believe industry until politics drove them apart, destroying their relationship.

 The good news is that Yvonne and Dumelo are friends again but they are no longer close.

“We are good friends,” Dumelo said. “It did get to me and at the end of the day we still resolved it. I called her at a point asking of something… but obviously it is not like how we were before.”  He denied an affair between them .

He talked about their beef and said he never got the “feeling that she [Nelson] was being sponsored by the opposition. I think she should have just ended there but the march was unnecessary.” Still talking about politics.

“I have not taken one cedi from the party…I would never take money for what I do. I have never taken any money from the government and I would never take money from the government.” He said