It looks as if Danielle Okeke and Ebube Nwagbo have scores to settle. We are not saying they have because the two actresses had thrown jabs of people they refused to call their names.


 Daniella had accused an actress of backbiting her to the extent that she lost her man to the actress.

Here is Ebube talking about the wickedness of man “Man’s inhumanity to man. And the wicked will not go unpunished. I thank God for me yesterday…For you alone is God. Thank God man no be God. When people think they are God…You remind them they are nothing. I don’t blend let alone break. Grow Ass Posh Mogulette.”

Over the years the two actresses have been compared on different levels especially when it comes to fashion. The two also attended the traditional wedding of their

colleague, Monalisa Chinda early this year. Was it possible they were fighting a silent war before now? 

We hope to hear from the actresses on this alleged beef.