Emeka Ike sheds light on reason he lambasted artiste claiming to be his son

Veteran actor, Emeka Ike, has given reason for bluntly replying to an up-and-coming artiste, Flobill, who claimed that the actor is his father.

Recall that Ike, who is going through a marital crisis recently came under fire for the manner in which he responded to his self-acclaimed son.

Responding to the artiste, the actor had written on social media, “Mr man, go and look for your father. I have never set eyes on this very dark man. Who is your papa? Please, stop using people to blow (become popular). Or, you stole the song from the studio? Go and look for your father, please.”

However, while rationalising his reaction, Ike said his action was justified because the artiste wanted to use his name to climb the ladder of fame but he did it the wrong way.

“It is good to put words out there, because you never know, it could get crazier. If someone can be crazy enough to make such debased claims, just as a PR stunt, they can equally do worse for the same PR. Desperation is very real in today’s Nigeria. People don’t respect the privacy of others anymore. Despite existing laws, they go all the way, just for clout chasing. I could have easily obliged him if he had contacted me. But, his entitlement mentality was too much.

“Plenty of people reach out to me, and l assist them; even on social media. One even took advantage of the similarity in our surnames for a long time, and l ‘claimed’ her till she became huge. I always assist up-and-comers, but this particular one was unethical and rude,” the actor disclosed in a recent interview.