Actress Mo Bewa knocks women who place value on men’s money than integrity

An actress, Omobewaji Oyediji, aka Mo Bewa, has knocked women who put their lovers under pressure to make money by all means.

Her recent take was a follow-up to a video she shared some weeks ago where she condemned women who put financial pressure on men.

Mo Bewa decried the rate at which some men go to make money in order to satisfy the women in their lives.

In a recent interview, she said, “What prompted me to make that video was the fact that I practically woke up every other day to check the Internet, and there would be someone on a podcast or on social media saying they cannot do certain things for a man. And, I feel it’s just selfish on our part as women. Not all women think like that, but a large number do. They feel a man has to have a certain amount of money before he can be loved genuinely. I think in this part of the world, this generation has really declared war on the male gender. And, that is not something I really like. That is why I had to put up the video to create awareness that there are still ladies who will not put that kind of pressure on men.”

On the kind of roles she can take up in a movie, the thespian said there is a limit to the character she can portray when it comes to sensual roles.

Her words, “I like to immerse myself in my roles. I will play it so well that people will even think it is real. I don’t think any director in this part of the world will want anything other than regular kissing and touching. But, I will never go nude for a movie. It goes against my beliefs and principles.”