Biggest risk I’ve taken while shooting movie – Jude Chukwuka

Actor, Jude Chukwuka, has shared the biggest risk he has taken in the course of his career.

According to the actor, actors often take risks in the course of bringing their roles to life even as their jobs appear glamorous to people outside the industry.

In a recent interview, Chukwuka noted that the biggest risk he took to bring his characters to live in one of the movies he acted in was when shot a film in a forest filled with wild animals in Ogun State.

He said, “The biggest risk I have ever taken was shooting a project in a forest reserve in Ogun State. I was there for about nine days. When one is inside the forest, there is no telecommunication network. Also, there were a lot of wild animals there, including reptiles. There were also insects that would make one’s body get swollen if they bit one. Every night while we were on set, somebody was stung by a scorpion. Only God knows how I survived it, but I will never put myself through that again. It was such a big risk.”

The actor also acknowledged that it is more difficult to act on the stage than in movies.

He said, “Acting on stage is more difficult than acting in front of a camera. Stage acting demands discipline on the part of everyone involved. In front of the camera, errors can be rectified; but with stage plays, there is no room for mistakes once the curtain rises. However, that doesn’t mean that acting on camera also has its difficulties.

“As regards how stage acting has helped my craft, I still make certain preparations before going on camera.

“In terms of discipline, if a stage actor is given a certain call time, that actor will be punctual. But, today’s actors see call-time as whenever they arrive. When a call time is fixed for 3 pm, there is a possibility that the first five to 10 persons who arrive early would have had stage-acting experience. That is how it has positively influenced me as an actor.”