I preach to the world with my films — Etinosa Idemudia

Actress and filmmaker, Etinosa Idemudia, has stated that she uses her films to preach the word of God.

According to Idemudia, who sees herself as a minister, preaching is not limited to only church altars.

Idemudia said she anchors her career on God because without him every hard work is futile.

In a recent interview, the actress said, “My long-term goal is to make people happy, and to spread my films to the world. I want to change lives with my films. I see myself as a minister. Not every minister must climb an altar to preach. My film is my tool to reach the world and communicate with people. I want to change people’s perceptions on some issues and generally make positive impacts in their lives.”

She further spoke about how one of her films impacted a fan.

“I made a film in 2018, titled, ‘The Washer Man’, and I got amazing feedback. Someone told me my movie gave her hope, that she was going through exactly the same thing and was thinking of suicide but when she saw the movie, it gave her hope,” she said.

Speaking on how she manages her roles as a mother and entertainer, she said, “When one is doing what one loves, one will not see it as work. I love being a mother. It is one of the best gifts that life and God have given to me. It is stressful, but has amazing rewards. Acting is also stressful, but the joy I feel doing those tasks gives me energy.

“I am also a procurement engineer, and I have to make time for that as well. I am into oil and gas as a third-party contractor, among other businesses I am involved in. Perhaps, I am a workaholic, because I really love what I do, and I am happy. That is my secret of making it look so effortless, even though it really isn’t.”