Beautiful Nollywood actress who is born to a Nigerian father and Cameroonian mother, Empress Njamah has said that marriage has no expiry date. 

The sensational actress said she kept on wandering why people continue to ask her about her marriage.

She noted that not everyone will get married. She said that there are three categories of people when it comes to marriage. The first sets of people are those that will not marry, the second are those that want to marry but they have not seen whom to marry while the third category of people are those taking their time so that they wouldn’t jump into it.

What category does she really belong to? Recall that her relationship with Nigerian singer Timaya went sour after he accused her of being a thief and that she has negative influence on him.

Any way, it is not as if she does not want to get married but she just does not want to rush into it .

“There is not date that is written that you have to get married. If I haven’t gotten married, there are obviously reasons why I haven’t. And I don’t see that as a crime or problem. When the time comes, it is obvious that people will know and celebrate with you genuinely. If you see the right man and match, why not, Let’s not make this thing a point of a big deal; I don’t know,” she said.