In an interview with City People, Eniola Badmus spilled it all about her journey so far and what she hopes to achieve.

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has shared her weightloss story.

According to her, she faced many hurdles to get to the stage she is now.

In an interview with City People, Eniola revealed that she has so far lost, 33kg.

Below are excerpts of the conversation culled.

“How were you able to change in terms of your looks?”

In terms of my looks a lot has changed due to a decision made. Anytime I decide to do this celebration I want to surprise everyone. With the pressure and stigma I had gone through I want to change that. So I want to surprise everyone and help myself.

“How were you able to lose so much weight?”

It is not easy. What I can say is it got to a point I could not control what I eat anymore. I eat anything so far it is edible, so from there I knew something fishy was going on. So far I have lost 33kg.

“What else has changed about you?”

I have other habits but I stopped even the one I thought I could not. I have one terrible habit that I am supposed to have stopped long time ago. This year a lot has changed about me, even I did not see this coming. As the year passed by I decided to change something.

“How do you deal with haters?”

This is another big thing, I don’t address because there is no point. I don’t see them even though I know them but I don’t want to give them that light. If you hate me then you have a problem because I can deal with everybody. On social what I think people don’t like about me is my stature so they say different things that has made me strong. With this, there is really nothing that bothers me, I do me and what I want at every point in time. Whether we like it or not, I am in the limelight and different things will happen and these are the things we know comes with our line of work