I was really not going to say anything about this, but now, I think I really should. I have had enough!

My name is Joy Delali Ocloo, I am from Kpeve, in Ghana and I am so proud of my country, my people, what ever little thing we are able to achieve, and what ever big thing we are able to achieve. The hen is never ashamed of her coup!

It hurts when Nigerians belittle Ghanaians’.

These are the same Nigerians who introduced armed robbery into Ghana, and are the very ones arrested on daily basis in Ghana for fraud and armed robbery. This are the very Nigerians who undermine Ghanaians’ and think we are sub-standard elements.
It started with Madam comedy Kate Henshaw Nuttal, now this belebele girl, Queen Nwokoye has taken the baton from her in rubbing Ghana film industry in the mud.

Are these people aware that the Nigerian film industry was built upon inspiration from the Ghana film industry? Ghanaians started making movies 10 years before Nigerians did. We do not have oil, neither do we have a populous nation, thus when Nigerians begun to smuggle their films into Ghana, films that were not better than Ghanaian films, just more fashionable, the scales tipped. suddenly Ghanaians wanted more of Nigerian films instead of food cooked in their own homes.

This is the bad attitude we have as Ghanaians’. We do not patronize our own goods. We do not praise things made in Ghana, we do not appreciate our stars. We are dying over The Genevieve Nnaji’s and Ramsey Nouahs, not over our David Dontohs and Akofa Adjeani’s. With this type of stance, why won’t Nigerians continue to disrespect us?

Kate Nuttal, you make 5000 dollars per movie, Nadia makes five thousand dollars per movie, you are old enough to be her mother, who then is cheap? you have been acting before she was born, who among the both of you is cheap? Use some brain, devoid of comedic nuances to answer that question. You have lost my respect. We shall soon ban your movies in Ghana.

Queen Nwokoye, fix your hair, fix your long face, then you can talk about gaps between Ghana and Nigerian film industry. What gap is wide? Have you seen the classy Ghanaian films made by the professionals? You open your mouth and make ignorant statements.

There is no difference between the Ghana and Nigeria film industry. They are two sides of the same coin. They compliment each other. Ghanaians have the crappy films and Nigeria does
Ghana has the professional filmmakers like the Sackey Sowahs, Shirley Mansos and Nigeria has the Tunde Kelanis and the Tade Ogidans.
Ghana has the average filmmaker and Nigeria has the average every day filmmaker.

Nothing is different. It is when Ghanaian begin to kiss your butts that you think you are better than them. I am very thankful for Shirley Manso, Revele Films, Leila Djansi, Kwau Ansah, and the few that are fighting to make a difference in the Ghana film industry, so that this Nigerians will stop disrespecting us.

When have Ghanaians’ ever said anything bad about Nigerians? All Ghanaians’ have ever given the Nigerian film industry is love and respect. We welcome their stars more than we welcome our own, yet these immature sub standard, local, domestic, home made stars insist on looking own on us. Claiming Hollywood as their competition. Ignorant people! Make a good movie first, or let Cobra Verde be shot in Nigeria. So many Hollywood films have shot in Ghana, which one has shot in Nigeria? none. Why? the pride and arrogance displayed by the greedy people in the so called “Nollywood”.

No problem. When you come to Ghana and we ignore you, like you do the Ghanaian stars, then maybe you will realize that Ghanaian s are also smart after-all.

Joy Delali Ocloo for https://www.nigeriafilms.com (EXCLUSIVE )