Envy, bitterness destroying Nollywood – Kevin Ikeduba

Popular actor, Kevin Ikeduba, has decried how envy and bitterness are destroying the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood.

Blowing hot, Ikeduba blasted actors for showing themselves “fake love”.

Not mentioning any name, Ikeduba noted how the industry is filled with fake people, pretending to be who they aren’t.

He advised actors and actresses guilty of the act to change their ways as it is destructive.

Communicating in pidgin, the actor said, “Truth be told, I dey laugh any time wey I hear say social media na fake life.

“Una see social media…e dey learn for where Nollywood dey. Nollywood movie industry…na there wey the fakest life and fakest people dey. If you think I am one of them, na your opinion, I accept.

“Why don’t you guys help yourself, Nollywood people and entertainers? You will see una selves but can’t help each other. Be living fake life, pretending to yourself to be who you aren’t. Who told you you’re a celebrity, you who is forming to be one? Have you ever enter market, riot start or traffic start because of your presence?

“You all should change your ways, love no dey Nollywood. Stop pretending. If you don’t like a person, let the person know you don’t like them.”