Tiwa Savage lists attractiveness, fresh breath as criteria for co-stars in kissing scenes

Nigerian actress, Tiwa Savage, has insisted that her co-star must be good-looking and have fresh breath for her to act in a kissing scene in a movie.

Savage, the leading star of Prime Video’s original series “Water and Garri,” pressed that unattractive co-stars are turn-offs for her in kissing scenes.

The singer noted that kissing someone she finds unattractive in a movie scene causes discomfort for her.

“Anyone hot. You never want to have a kissing scene with someone that’s not hot. That’s horrible because it’s not just once, it’s over and over again. So if the person is not hot, I don’t know.

“The cheque has to be big for me to be convincing. But yeah as long as the person is hot and has good breath.”

Also, Savage emphasised the importance of financial compensation, suggesting that a huge paycheck could sway her commitment to a role.

Nonetheless, her primary criteria remained centered on the attractiveness and hygiene of her co-stars.