Yemi Alade has been active and quiet at the same time. Following the buzz that followed her purported Grammy Awards special guest invitation and her conspicuous absence at the awards proper last month, much has not been heard from her.

But in a bid to promote her new music effort, the Johnny singer got caught in the web of cyber trolls who didn’t find her grammar funny at all. This happened just after the star had shared recharge cards to her fans on Twitter.

The real drama began when one of  her twitter followers saw something wrong with the English expression she used for her announcement and corrected her. Yemi had tweeted:  “Am dropping a new single oooooo”. Check out the fan’s response:


Interestingly, Yemi didn’t go the Timaya or Seyi Law way. Rather she simply asked the ‘grammarian’ follower to help her the missing part of her expression. Case closed! Classic.

From the tweet, it would seem the first fan meant to correct her without hurting her feelings, while the second follower had concerns about other followers, particularly children, thinking her expression was the standard. But you think the either correction was necessary? Aren’t celebrities allowed to make mistakes in their space?