As the clock ticks, amazing talents will be required in the Ghana Movie Industry when the already known ones begin to fade out. One of such talents upon whom the mantle will fall is Naa Ashorkor, an outstanding actress and TV Presenter who displayed her excellent and matchless acting dexterity in both the “Perfect Picture” and “Scorned”. caught up with Naa Ashorkor for a chit chat interview and below is the full interview(unedited). Hello Naa Ashorkor, we want to start off by saying thank you for talking with us.

Naa Ashorkor: You’re welcome Outside your professional life you are relatively a mystery, please tell us a little bit about your background.

Naa Ashorkor: Mystery? I see lol! Well, I’m a final year BA communication Studies student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, second of four lovely girls, I’m a Ga from Teshie, I try as much as possible to stick to my beliefs and values, love country music, I’m a Christian, I try to be the best I can be in all I do, plus I’m a generally ‘reserved’ and private person, well that’s basically me.. How did it all start for you as an actress and presenter?

Naa Ashorkor: like many others, I registered for an audition at Sparrow Productions and I made it, and Presenting, I was invited a couple of times as a guest on a Youth program on TV Africa, after a while, I was invited to sit in for the host, who was not available at that time. When she returned, I was assigned a different show and it continued from there. How do you joggle school, acting and presenting?

Naa Ashorkor: well, it’s not entirely easy; I try to manage time effectively. Thankfully I have a flexible timetable at school; I try not to miss lectures because school is my top priority right now. How was the transition from presenting to acting was it difficult?

Naa Ashorkor: Not exactly, presenting actually has an element of acting, only difference is, it’s not scripted and it’s all “you”, you’re not expected to play someone else. Lol! Your debut movie was ‘Scorned’, how did you get role, in other words, what prompted you to audition for it?

Naa Ashorkor: Actually, it’s quite funny. I accompanied a friend who went to audition, then I decided to register and audition too, “after’ll I’ve got nothing to loose” I thought. Interestingly I was called weeks after and given the role. As a budding actress, where do you see your acting career down the line?

Naa Ashorkor: I’m aiming at making a mark in Africa and beyond.

Ghana celebrities: Any other aspirations outside showbiz?

Naa Ashorkor: Law We have been very vocal about some aspect of the movie industry, why do you think the industry is saturated with substandard movies?

Naa Ashorkor: I don’t know that the industry is saturated with substandard movies, but if it is, we all need to work at making it better. What are some of the steps that can be taken to rectify this and improve the overall quality of Ghanaian movies?

Naa Ashorkor: well no matter how good the industry is now, it’s always better to make an effort to improve. Actors need to learn the act of ‘living’ the roles they’re given, research on the character, understand the wording, make some time to rehearse before shooting. You have worked with producer Shirley Frimpong who most regard as the best Ghanaian film maker, what in your opinion sets her productions apart from the pile?

Naa Ashorkor: she is obviously a very smart person and a great writer. She is very passionate about her productions and does not settle for mediocrity. Her passion for perfection is reflected in her work- that’s what sets her apart from the rest. How will you compare Ghallywood/Ghallygold to Nollywood?

Naa Ashorkor: Nope.

GhanaCelebrities: Some are of the opinion that Nollywood actors are better than their Ghanaian counterparts. Do you buy into this assertion?

Naa Ashorkor: Nope. Tell us about your current film or projects? Anything you working on?

Naa Ashorkor: I’m working on the next film from Sparrow productions; I can’t say more, it’s unethical. Sorry If any of our readers is interested in trying to break into acting, where would you recommend they begin?

Naa Ashorkor: Audition. It’s always good to start from scratch. Thanks for your time

Naa Ashorkor: Thank you too.