Fast rising Nollywood actress, Jennifer Duru, is not that regular face that is easy to come by at red carpet events but the actress is gradually getting the attention of some movie producers as she now hardly have time for herself and family.

A graduate from the University of Benin, Edo state, she sure has a lot to offer as she is not relenting towards stamping her name on the sand of time just like her role models.

When met with the actress who is currently on location in Asaba, she led us into her world as an actress, with the revelation on how she has been able to get along with people in the industry. Just like every other lady, Jennifer, has tasted a bit of what life has to offer her when it comes to relationships and she is enjoying her life and waiting for another opportunity to love again. Read excerpts below;

You are frequently not seen on red carpets like your colleagues, why?

I’ve been on a few red carpets, but like you said “not frequently” because I was schooling and acting at the same time so I didn’t have time to always attend events because I was always occupied with school work. But thank God am a graduate now and hopefully I would always come around.

Could you let us into your world and family?

I’m Jennifer Duru, I’m from IMO state but grew up in Enugu, with my parents, graduated from greatest University of Benin where I studied chemistry.

Why acting and not other profession or did you stumble upon it by chance?

I’ve always had passion for acting since I was a child but didn’t get the opportunity to showcase my talent until my secondary school where I acted a lot in drama competition, then I realized I had to take it seriously because of the compliments I got from people each time my house took the first position it has always been my one big dream.

How many movies have you featured in and which actually drilled you?

Not so much, because schooling and acting at the same time didn’t let me do a lot, but now that I have graduated and have the time, I hope to do as many as possible. The movie that drilled me was “Eviction Day” which was shot in July 2015,because that was my first time playing alongside with top celebrities in the industry like Nkem Owoh popularly known as Osuofia, Mercy Johnson and Uche Odoputa. Initially I was scared having heard and seen how good Mercy Johnson was but fortunately she made it so easy for me because she had my back when the makeup artiste tried to frustrate me and put me out of character. Mercy was very supportive even thou we were just meeting for the first time at that location but she advised me and encouraged me to do my best no matter what I encounter on set or the kind of people am acting with, that really helped me.

Have you been heartbroken? And why do you prefer the males more? Heartbreak?

Laughs…….sure I have but that was in the past. I am actually a very jovial person as a matter of fact I feel more comfortable with guys because I am the only girl in the midst of 5 brothers so am used to them I still have female friends too. I love to make friends be it male or female,young or old, I have a very free spirit.

If you have the opportunity of marrying an entertainer, would you jump at the offer?

Laughs, Marriage is not a trade or some form of bargain that I should that I should “jump at an offer” if am lucky to find a guy that loves me and I love him too and wants to marry me be it an entertainer or not ,why won’t I settle down?

At what age and where did you have your first kiss?

At 16, in my boyfriend’s house. He was my first love but we had a relationship without s3x, the least we could do was kiss and hug if he is seeing me off until I was 18 because he claimed he didn’t want to take advantage of me until I was an adult and old enough to decide if I really wanted s3x with him or not.

These days’ people are now taking to pastoral works and different prophets here and there, will you like to be a Pastor some day or prophetess?

Pastoral duty is a calling and a thing of choice, if God calls me to serve him who am I to say no to my creator.

What was your parent’s position on you taking up acting as a career?

My mum was very supportive but my dad wasn’t, he wanted me to graduate first before doing movies. Now that I have graduated I have their full support.

Any plans to turn a producer some day?

Of course I would, God being my helper forever is not too long to stay for what u love doing *laughs*