I read about actor Prince James Uches plight ‘“ I AM SUFFERING AND NEED HELP ” and that has gotten me asking whether these stars are saving up for a rainy day. Buying the newest cars and dressing in the latest clothes and being trendy and colorful is fine for the moment.

What happens when you get involved in a car accident and become immobile and the industry shuns you? Human beings are known to run away from friends when hard times hit. Especially these our stars especially have such shallow friends. People who pretend to like them only because they are stars. At the next call of trouble, they will be on the next bus out. So, any health insurance? life insurance? small business somewhere to fall back on when the storms come?

Same goes for those in the diaspora. When you come home to visit, your friends swarm around you like bees. You entertain them. What happens when you have to come back home because the American dream has faded? what will you eat?

We spend so much time checking out peoples clothes. These our local stars brag about buying the most expensive dress. Omotola once said she bought a dress for $1000. Is that something you brag about? These are the same stars who act in movies about great business men who end up going broke because they have mortgaged their property to under take one business or the other. Hollywood stars are on a different level. Stop emulating them. Their red carpet dresses are donated. their cars are not bought most of the time. Advertising gimmicks by corporations.

When I asked if Genny was receiving royalties i got mocked. An actor like Prince James may never have made 3000 dollars per movie, but he if he had royalties and if the guild can stop power struggles and ego battles and establish some kind scheme where percentages of fees for actors are mandated to be paid to a social security fund or something for them, things won’t look so bleak for him.

Anyone remember the story of the grasshopper and the ant?

If Prince James has been dutifully paying his Actors Guild Dues, he should start demanding some sort of legal pay-off. I have read about one too many stars who have fallen into this situation. Its so sad.

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‘“ I am suffering and need help”—Prince James Uche, a.k.a Odigbo