Tope Alabi, a popular female gospel singer in Lagos, Nigeria is now at- large when she failed to show up, as promised, at the Special Fraud Unit (SFU), Sunday Adewusi House, 13, Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Earlier on Wednesday, March 31, 2010, while acting on a petition submitted by the President/CEO of a US-based record label, the plain- clothed police from the SFU had invaded a dinghy, cobwebbed, and stuffy premise, which the accused uses as a studio at 34 Yurel Plaza, New Oko Oba, Agege, Lagos State in order to arrest her.

However, both the accused “gospel” singer and her husband, Soji Alabi, were no-where to be found. Apparently, the studio had not been used in recent times, as it was kept under lock and keys and the door and the hallways were covered by cobwebs.

The Police then placed a call to her phone, which was answered by a female who identified herself as Tope Alabi’s Personal Aasistant (PA). The female said that Tope Alabi was busy in another studio somewhere in Lagos. The Police also tried to call Soji Alabi on the phone, but the guy that answered the phone initially identified himself as Soji but quickly denied being him when he learnt that it was the Police on the line.

Later that afternoon, and back at the SFU, a female Assistant Commissioner of Police placed another call to Tope Alabi’s phone, which was surprisingly answered by her husband, Soji Alabi, As the Assistant Commissioner of Police continued to leave a message for her she miraculously came on the line. The Assistant Commissioner then explained to her that a petition had been written against her by an American record label on the allegation of fraud.. She then invited Tope Alabi to come in for questioning. Tope Alabi feigned selective amnesia by not quickly recollecting or recognizing the record label in question.

However, the Assistant Commissioner refused to be deceived and cajoled by Tope Alabi’s charms, as she sternly advised her that it was in her (Tope’s) best interest to show up at the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) 10.00 AM the next day. Tope Alabi then asked if she could come with her lawyer to which the Assistant Commissioner answer in the affirmative.

However, on Thursday, April 1, 2010, Tope Alabi failed to show up. The Assistant Commissioner called her in succession at each hour from 11.00 AM until 3.00 PM when she gave up trying to reason with Tope Alabi — iinasnuch as each time she called Tope Alabi to find out her whereabouts she would tell the Assistant Commissioner that she was in company of her lawyer and that they would soon get to the place.

Finally, when Tope Alabi failed to show up at the SFU, a highly disappointed and infuriated Assistant Commissioner of Police commanded her boys to look for Tope Alabi and place her under arrest at any given opportunity, anywhere, anytime!

NFC is appealing to anybody that knows her to please get in touch with as she could not be reached via her telephone


Attached bellow is a copy of the petition filled against Tope Alabi at the Special Fraud Unit (SFU):