This is not the nollywood script that Halimar interpretes,what you are about to read happened and the actress carries scars to prove it.

According to those who know,this is a re-cap of what happened

”Halimar started the relationship with Obi despite warnings from people who knew how he was,she went head long into the affair and soon Obi proposed.

He was so jealous of her every move, that anytime his jelaousy got out of him, he would chase her down the street with a butchers knife and cut her where ever he could, when he caught her.

It was mad love,they met four years ago and Obi contributed to her university education.he would beat her so bad and throw her down the staircase,when she lands at the bottom of the stairs, he would continue the beating with belt.

People used to watch the drama on the street and think it was scenes from a movie the actress was shooting.

She cannot enter kano becuase he has vowed to kill her unless she marries him”.

Those who know her also whisper that, the actress might deny that this kano millionaire has abused her but if you look at the side of her mouth carefully,you will see the thin scar of where Obi cut her with a knife.

Those who know her also whisper that this actress who is currently the toast of movie producers is so scared of men now, that it has become a source of concern for her friends.

This is a pity indeed.

I propose that all these actresses who have been in abusive relationships should come together to form a coalition to talk about their plight and help women who are going through what they went through.

To Halima I leave you with the forefathers wise sayings”Without knowing a way thoroughly at day time,never attempt to pass it at night!”..selah

By SteLlA dK