Fast raising comedian and actor, Uche Nnadi a. k. a Wuchey says young comedian fail most times, because they are lazy, not willing to learn, and the get rich syndrome among them.

 The Star of the television show “The Johnson”, who spoke exclusively to, recently lamented the lack of creativity among young comedians and the rate at which comedians disappear from the main stream “it is a very sad thing, the number of new comedians that arrive on the main stream with original jokes is extremely low, and I blame this on laziness and the fact that most lazy youths think because they can speak pidgin English, they have the right to twist somebody’s jokes and put on a suit and call themselves comedians is bad and that is why you hear of one comedian for six month and before you know it he is no were near the spot light.”

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What is the solution? “Honestly speaking, first ask yourself, do I really have the talent, if the answer is yes look for ways to improve your talent by serving and understudying other people, do a lot of small gigs wait for your time and it will happened for you. Everybody wants to be like AY (famous Nigerian Comedian) overnight forgetting that he served Ali Baba (Grand Master of Nigerian comedy

Wuchey who served Okay Bakassy (leading figure of Nigerian comedy) is a big part of the television show The Johnson’s , which is his biggest gig how does it feel and how did he get on the show “it God, that is all I can say, because I did not audition for the role. And the show has totally transformed my life