Fuji icon Sefiu Alao, aka, Baba Oko is simply a man who is very blunt when it comes to reality. A phone interview with Sefiu Alao by Nigeriafilms.com opened the feminine part of him.

The Ogun State-born Fuji Legend stated that he has an enormous flair for Women and he respects them for who they are. Sefiu while giving reasons he cherishes Women, Baba Oko explained that to succeed in any business, one needs the intervention of a woman.

He said behind every successful Man or business, there is always a Woman. The presence of Women matter a lot in businesses, mostly entertainment businesses, Life without a Woman is like one living without water.

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In showbiz, we gain attention from female folks than the Male, when I see them applaud or appreciate me I see myself still relevant In the industry.

Loving a woman does not mean you flirt around with them. Sefiu who so much love his mother and late grandma said that he would not have come this far if Women were not involved in his career.

He further gave an example,” if you have a contract you need to obtain or project u need to execute, if you get a woman involved, it would be very easy for you to actualize. Checkout banks, insurance companies, in most cases they make use of women to get or buy their costumers or clients. So women are very Important in the society and every area of one’s specifications.

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If a man and a woman to same organization or company seeking for employment, quote me anywhere, If the woman is beautiful and has all the necessary ingredients, They would employ the Woman before the Man.

What you mean now is that you love women? Yes of course, why not, I love them and I do not joke with them. They are the soul of successful businesses. Would you as a Journalist tell me you do not love females too? If you disagree, then tell God to exclude the goodies and benefits of Women from your life.