The well-endowed actress who woke up today sharing her largess on Instagram as a giveaway to the less privileged is on the lips of gossip mongers because of her new source of income…

According to the allegations in town…..

‘The owner of the CEO of All Seasons Hotel Owerri has built a solid love nest for himself and his love interest Anita….The two are allegedly in an affair for the past 6 months and the affair is so hot you cannot miss it when you see them together despite their coding attempts….

The Hotelier and the actress were recently spotted in Johannesburg, South Africa at a wine tasting event and the lover boy with Instagram handle #mykeikoku has been lavishing his money on Anita and their love nest is in a paid for a secret location in Johannesburg.


The well-endowed actress recently confided in a close friend that she is enjoying the luxury of the love with Mr. Lover boy because of his generosity and kindness and whispered about the house he recently bought her, a penthouse apartment in Sandton, South Africa . .

It is also whispered that no week passes by that the actress does not get a luxury gift or steady bank alert from the smitten lover boy,the whisperer says the actress is still trying not to put too much of what she gets out there so as not to raise eyebrows as to the source of her income ”We all know these actresses are not getting movie scripts anymore and most of them have become ‘escorts to very rich men hence the show off on their social media handles”


Anita has been quoted saying ”It is #mykeikoku or no one else, we die there!”
whilst friends of the lover boy says he cannot live without Anita Joseph despite that fact that his status is not free and he is only playing the role of a sugar daddy in her life.