It is no news that some Yoruba movie and music stars find it very difficult to procure a visa to the United States of America (USA) and when they eventually get the nods of the embassy to visit the country, they get over excited about it.

But a popular actress in the Yoruba movie industry, Omotunde Ogundimu, who recently bounced back after a battle with Fibroid, which she successfully removed through a surgery operation, did hers secretly.

And as you read this piece, the very beautiful actress is already in the Uncle Sam’s land enjoying the good life in the North American country.

A source very close to Omotunde, who reliably divulged this information to, said the mother of three left the shores of Nigeria precisely on Thursday at about 10pm and arrived the US on Friday at about 3pm.

We were told that the US embassy finally granted the actress a visa, but its duration was not disclosed to us when we asked.

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The source could not also confirm to us if the actress went to the US for vacation or whether she is planning to relocate to the Obama-led country. However, there are indications that she might also use the opportunity to shoot a movie or two while in the US.

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