For Akin Lewis, acting is part of his life, no wonder he has spent over four decades in the acting industry. He is one actor who well-groomed in the business and from the look of things, he is not showing signs of retiring anytime soon.

Recently, Akin Lewis shot a television commercial for a job-seeking mobile application and website, where he played the ‘big boss’.

In an interview with The Nation, the veteran actor explained the reason he accepted to take part in the job, saying the involvement of foreign professionals motivated him into doing the commercial for the company.

He said, “I saw it as a positive advert that was one of the reasons I accepted to play the big boss. It is not my first advert, I have done many, but I also select those that I accept.

“But this particular one, they sourced for me and what caught my attention, was the crew and they were foreign and they were very professional in their work. And we worked like we had been together for years. That is what professionalism does.