It was like a movie when the small boy of yesterday turned big boy and ranked big among big boys of the industry today. Temitope Adekunle known as a small doctor is no more a mediocre but now stellar in the industry.

Little do you know that this preeminent dude who rose from zero to hero did not just land like an aircraft where he finds himself today,his sequels and chronicles cannot be properly accounted without mentioning the person who groomed and brought him up from scratch to light, Nurudeen Ajani aka Master p aka Ogo Agbaye 1.

A Fuji maestro who professionally began his musical career on August 26, 1996, in Agege and has spread his tentacles across the globe. The Fuji star who has served more than twenty years in the industry and has more than five albums to his credit, in this interview with Michael Adekunle correspondent, he revealed how he engaged the big name today “Small Doctor” with the all-time Fuji Icon, Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma. Excerpt

It Is Believed That You Have An Intimate Relationship With Small Doctor, Even More Than Pasuma Himself, How Did You Build The Bridge Between Small Doctor And Pasuma?

Small Doctor was the least I believed would perform up to my expectations in life, there was a song I recorded, he begged and said he would like to feature on, which was produced by Dresan, I considered him and on that record, he performed wonderfully well.

That opportunity I gave him, gave him an edge in life, the album really exposed his talent and gave him several opportunities, to the extent that both Fuji and hip-hop artistes in the area started collaborating with him. One of my street brothers in the area named Aro wetin, called me and advised me that we should not leave this boy like this because he has a great talent deposited in him, he said we should try and take him to Pasuma. At first, they went, without my consent, but they failed to see Pasuma, they came back to me and reported how their journey was.

I took a bold step and decided to take them to Alhaji Pasuma. Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma happened to be my Boss and mentor. When we got to his residence, we all greeted him, and I narrated why we came to him, then he said he had made a vow never to help any hip-hop artistes again in life because of their traits, he said that they are very ungrateful and would always betray one, he had done that in the past and the experience was discouraging.

I became confused at that point in time. However I went on my knees, I placed my two hands on the ground and prostrated and begged my Boss, Pasuma to please help him, that Small is the last born of my family, that he should just consider him because of me. I told Paso that if Small Doctor should misbehave I would discipline him myself. After all these, Pasuma accepted, and began to work on him, before I knew it, My brother was everywhere! It was like a magic, this was unbelievable.

I have never told any Journalists this story in my entire life, you are the first media ( person on earth I would narrate this exclusive story to. In fact, you must be a lucky person. The ogo agbaye 1, who has been consistent in his game, rocking every events and clubs is currently working in the studio to drop quality songs for his die-hard fans. More stories expected soon on this.