Dj sose is originally called Thomas Amar-Aigbe, is from a musically gifted family from Edo state Nigerian and was born in Ibadan Nigeria by a Hungarian Mother.

According to Dj Sose, “the origin of my stage name Dj ‘Sose’ short for ‘Soseneyayi’ is Esan deriving from my tribe Edo State Nigeria” he however said Sose, meaning ‘Bear Witness’ was a name given to him by his father.

Many people have always wanted to know the reason he opted to draw a tattoo on his face, some had related it that it may be demonic or occultism but the disc jockey has given his own reason.

Sose revealed that the tattoo is a signature or it is for branding sake that they is no place you will see this without knowing that it is DJ Sose.

The second reason that he stated was because we only have one life to live so he had to do what he felt will be unique for his own personal self.

Many artiste and DJ have their own personal way of being identified, but that of DJ Sose is unique as he is the only Nigerian DJ with such. The tattoo has also brought him some large amount of fame apart from his work.

Sose worked as an IT personnel which he abandoned to concentrate fully in DJing, he said that being a DJ has always been his passion.

Dj Sose is rated one of the top 10 African DJs by Channel 0, He is also a 3 Time Nominee in the Nigerian Entertainment Awards. He featured videos and music project.

Indeed Dj Sose’s dream to turn his passion into profession is distinctive and has helped others reach their path of self-actualization within the music industry.