Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun, a Budding Gospel Singer and daughter of late Bimbo Odukoya has said that some face book users criticized her for talking about relationship because they believe she can never be like the late relationship expert, Bimbo.

They said she was only trying to copy her late mum instead of following her musical line.

Reacting to the criticism she said that she feels she has a mandate to help single people before they enter into a relationship; to let them know that there are some particular questions they need to ask or talk about, some foundational questions they need to ask or blocks they need to build before they enter into this thing.

Tolu who has a relationship blog said that it was when she got married that she began to appreciate most of the things her mother taught her.

She added that I grew up in a family where my parents were very into relationships. My father would always counsel married couples.

According to her, ’But one thing I’m learning, I’m very practical, and what people will see on my relationship blog is that I am very straightforward. I don’t really hide under the umbrella of spirituality, but I try to relate things practically to life. So, I understand it better and then I can actually do what it’s asking me to do. So, what I try to do is bring it down to our level, explain it in our own language and get them to understand; and try to make everybody happy.’