Dr. Frederick Fasheun, the founder of Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, has condemned Buhari’s choice of Cabinet. He said that the president did not choose capable hands to run the administration with him. He described them as “mosquito economic team”.

 Fasehun said that buhari looked down on the likes of Pat Utomi, Falae, Ezekwesili who are well experienced to profer solutions to the problem of the present economy. He added that the president did not achieve anything in his first year in office as he advised him to change his cabinet and bring in those with expertise.

 “Four years in the life of a country is a short time. I am appealing to every Nigerian not to breach the peace of the country. Out of the four years of Buhari’s tenure, he has about three years more, let us give him time and see what he would do right or wrong. So far, I have not seen what he has done right, but he has three years more to prove himself whether to change those who are misadvising him or to bring in fresh experts.

“I happen to know that one of the writers of economic channel that the present government should keep is Pat Utomi. Nigerians know that Utomi is a guru in all aspect of the economy. Unfortunately, when Buhari was compiling his cabinet, he left out the man who was a torch light to the administration.

“Should Utomi be left out in the economic team? Should people like Olu Falae, Oby Ezekwesili and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a natural team for the president be ignored? Unfortunately, he chose to go for a mosquito economic team and that is why we are having the problem we are facing today.

“The economy should not be a partisan thing; it is supposed to be a natural one. Let the good people of this country like the Balarabe Musas the Ciromas and the Umars continue to advise the government on the right path to go. I don’t want anybody to do anything that would disrupt the peace of the country but give the President the remaining time and see what he would do,” he said.









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