The Minister of Power,Works, and Housing, Babatunde Fashola has reiterated his leadership plan to revamp the  Nigerian roads that have been in a dilapidated state over the years.

He furthered that the major factor hindering this great plan was the 2016 budget that is yet to be assented by President Mohammadu Buhari.

He said this during a town hall meeting in Lagos as he described the situation as “unfortunate”. He expressed dissatisfaction by saying that the non –passage of the budget was hampering the investment of funds into revamping the sector.

In his words, “There’s a plan to deal with the road challenge, but unfortunately as I speak, there is no budget,

“Those of us that are tuned to public service will understand that budget is the article of faith, without appropriation, you can’t spend money.”

Fashola also noted that Nigeria has only Five thousand MW of power which was not enough to go round to about 170 million people adding that the only solution to the present power problem was to deliver more power on an incremental and sustained basis.

Speaking about roads, Fashola stated that lack of financial management was a core problem in the country that has led to underdeveloped roads.

 “If you just throw back a little bit, this country earned $100 per barrel of crude oil for a decade; other countries earned that kind of money. Are we as competitive as they were, or as they have become? Clearly, we have not spent our money wisely.

“Otherwise we shouldn’t have broken roads, otherwise we should have more power,” he added.