Controversial former Big Brother Africa contestant, Huddah Monroe, is known for her lavish lifestyle she showcases on her social media pages, sultry and sexually titillating photos as well as her jet-setting lifestyle, yet many have been wondering how she makes her money.

She has been called all sorts of names and lots have been said about her but she has been able to move on because she has developed thick skin for bad reports.

Many perceive her to be a prostitute but she has chosen to come out and address the issue which to her should not linger anymore.

She explained that she does not have issues with anyone but noted that if anyone is not happy with her, they can approach her for settlement.

According to her, “I, Huddah Monroe , I am known to live my life . I have no issues with anyone these days. Actually NEVER had issues with anyone unless you provoked me .HUDDAH has been the center of ridicule in this country for so many years now .People wAke up and on their Whatsapp group all they discuss is Huddah. Creating memes about me and things I haven’t said. Thank God for my THICK SKIN.”

“This is MAINLY for those who call me a WHORE all the f@ckin time. Just because I don’t say where I work? Because I’m not stuck in a 9-5 and I own things? You want to know how I make my money? Are you Kenya Revenue Authority? You have no right to call me names no matter what! I will show people what I want to show them here .That’s all. whore this , whore that . I have no problem with that names. But at least before calling me names have evidence of one of your friends, father , or clique f@cking me and paying me. Sitting here I am someone’s daughter , sister , friend , and I am not growing any younger.”