One of the younger daughters of the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Motunrayo, has dared an unnamed ex-lover who is threatening to publish her photos and videos in his possession.

Tunrayo had taken to Instagram to post a photo of herself with the ex-lover, admitting that the lover had made videos of her after she had taken.

She wrote: “U see this nigga right by my side is a TRAITOR A LIAR AND A THIEF… HE IS MY EX.. So I broke up with him then he stared sending me very videos he used to take of me while he would have drugged me to pass out.. He said I will regret the day I met him and that he will leak those pictures and videos.. Please friends family and foes,if you know him tell him I said he should go ahead and post them.. And trust me I ain’t joking..#everybodysayyeahyeah#freedomfighters #liberatiors#diplomacy #Nigeria #conspiracy#FelaKuti #News #humanrights#blacklives”

Motunrayo’s mum, Fehintola, who also had another child with Fela, Seun Kuti, was one of the 27 wives of the music legend.