Nigerian singer, Felix Duke, fondly called Mr Goody Goody is a renowned singer whose career was at its peak in the 1990’s. The singer who is a close friend to Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike took to his social media page to lambast the ex-wife of Emeka, Emma.

This is coming after the news of Emma warming up to have a press conference in regards to her dissolved marriage which happened about a week ago.

He had accused the mother of four of trying to destroy the life of the actor after all refusing to heed to the advice of both family members before the marriage was dissolved.

Meanwhile, he also revealed that Emma was trained in school up to her MSC by Emeka Ike who also established a secondary for her which she allegedly mismanaged till it closed up.

While he claimed that she was been sponsored by someone to carry out all she did despite Emeka going on his knees in court to rethink her decision.

He advised that she should have lets thing be as it is due to the fact that the union produced kids who will eventually read all these drama on social network someday.

In his words: “It’s obvious that Emeka Ike’s ex Wife wants to destroy Emeka. If not, she would have listened to Emeka’s plea. MY pleas, Her own family member’s pleas. Emeka’s family member’s pleas, even the judge’s pleas. All failed. Why? Because she and her sponsor have made up their mind to try to destroy Emeka Ike.”

“How it is that somebody you have 4 kids for, knelt down for you at the center of the court room and you still did what you did? Well it is ok. You made up your mind to leave him, but why don’t you then just leave this young man in peace? You have gotten the divorce. Why organize a press Conference? You don’t have good advisers, if not you would have remembered that you have kids for this man.”

“So how are you going to erase all the nonsense you and your sponsor put on the internet for your children not to see them in future? To my knowledge i am aware Emeka Ike sponsored you to university, even up to your Masters. I am aware that Emeka Ike also opened a Joint account with you, which means he truly loves you.”

He doesn’t control your spending’s. I am also aware that Emeka Ike opened a secondary school for you which you could not manage. Hmmm the white man says if you want to kill a dog you give the dog a bad name. That is what you are trying to do to my good Friend Emeka Ike.”

“All i will tell you is that you stop trying to destroy this man. You had your own short comings but he tolerated you. Or you want to tell Nigerians that you are a perfect human being and you didn’t have any fault in the marriage? Please madam stop destroying your ex, it is not good for you and your children. You only know today you don’t know tomorrow because tomorrow is pregnant.”