The Federal government has plans underway to set up a film fund in order to upgrade the current standard of the Nigerian movie Industry, former Minister of Information and Communications Professor Dora Akunyili has said.

The proposed fund is expected to be used to create forums that will improve the expertise of local script writers and technicians amongst others and also to provide funding packages to support the development and production of movies that will further uplift societal values.

Akunyili, who said this at the opening ceremony of the seventh African Film and Television Exposition in Abuja on Tuesday, reiterated a commitment to initiate policies that will build up the industry so as to ensure that no artist has to undervalue his or her artistry or vision for commercial reasons.

“New films will not only be developed with their visions articulated for the artistry, but will now be funded for this vision to be translated into film. We will develop industry-wide channels for financing, distribution, marketing, technical improvement and promotion of Nollywood,” she said.

She said in collaboration with the existing guilds, centers of excellence for the training of artists will be set up in order to improve their skills and translate their visions.

The former minister also called on practitioners in the media and movie industry to ensure that what is fed to the public is not demeaning or negative but uplifting and encouraging as that is the only way the media can be used to develop the nation.