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I had totally given up on our Naija movies refusing to pay them any attention but after a while of watching American I was offered some African movies from an Ardent watcher and I decided to try them out. I found them quite relaxing and for now I have kind of incorporated the Nigerian Movie ‘thingie’ into my entertainment. It is sad when I get five new ones and hate the half baked attempt at entertainment. I took a friends advice, ‘watch a really nice one after a terrible Nigerian movie it is the only way to remove the bad taste from your mouth’. I have hence watched a few. For this reason I will go ahead maybe not exactly rate the movies but just say if you wanted some Movies to relax with during your honey moon then try these. They are recommended not as honeymoon storylines but because they were as it were, well written, the scenes actually flow and they give an overall taste of good entertainment.

The figurine:

B+ for suspense and a wonderful story tracing two fresh graduate friends in Nigeria vying for the love of a classmate. The Youth Service Corp(NYSC) is actually as portrayed. Ramsey Noah at his best

Guilty pleasures: B Ramsey Noah is in this one too. Totally gaining my respect and Nse Edom

too. Shows how a man’s insecurities makes him push the one he loves into the

arms of another man.

Reloaded: C I think this movie tries to trace in the lives it follows, what makes a man cheat.

Entanglement: C Wish they had left its title as entangled. The story actually flows. It traces

church sisters as they go through the ups and many downs of their relationships

with each other and the men in their lives

Live to remember: C I love the palatable African scenes. No doubt it grabs you and takes you

believably back home. A tale of two sisters that desire to stay together till death

do them part.

A woman’s honor C Many seem to love this movie. It is worth the time you give to see it. Well

acted. Tells you where a father’s heart should never go.

Sorry no rating at this time for poor movies(too many!!) maybe next time. If you do have a honeymoon to plan whether you are travelling or it would be a staycation, you could collect some of these while you shop. For your sake I hope to extend the list.

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