There is fire on the mountain as the ex-husband of Senator Stella Oduah, who happens to be the  father of the late Maxwell Etoromi, ,Lt Col. Satchie Emmanuel Etoromi (retd.), begged the senator to release his son’s body to him for proper burial in Warri, Delta.

The man wants  the remains of his son to be buried in Warri. Maxwell died on August 26, 2016 after a brief illness at the age of 28.

He said ”I have sent a delegation to his royal majesty, the Igwe of Akili Ozizor, Ogbaru, in Anambra to express my sadness over the death of my son and how I was treated by Stella. I read about the death of my son in the newspaper, I was not informed by Stella that my son that was delivered on 14th March, 1988, in St. Mary’s Hospital, Ugboroke, Warri, is dead.  So, I have sent a letter calling Stella, my ex-wife, to bring my son, who was under her custody, to me for burial in Warri. His Royal Highness Igwe Oduah 1, betrothed Stella Oduah to me on 18th November, 1984, in Akili Ozizor.

We married on the 16th of December, 1984, in His Highness’ Palace in Akili Ozizor, after the payment of dowry and exchange of gifts. We were taken to Nde-Mili where we performed the final rites.  Till now, Stella has not told me my son in her custody is dead. There is rumour that my son will be buried in Akili Ozizor and that is unacceptable, my son must be brought to me in Warri for interment,” he said.