THE nation’s film industry otherwise called Nollywood may soon receive a big boost in the area of production as Filmavision, a Canadian based production outfit opens shop in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr. Henry Imadojemu, the facilitator of the state-of-the art production outfit said Filmavision is affiliated to Tellavision, the world renowned production outfit in Canada that deals with rentals of video cameras, sound editing, 2D/3D visual effects among others.

Imadojemu who has lived in Canada for close to 19 years now says his decision to open Filmavision in the Lekki area of Lagos was borne out of the desire to help Nollywood and the music industry to grow in terms of production. “In Canada, we see Nollywood movies and listen to Nigerian music all the time and the only thing anybody could point at is the production quality, so with my association to Tellavision, that is one of the biggest equipment rentals outfit in the world (he is director of marketing and sales), I did all I could to convince them (Tellavision) to back me up in establishing Filmavision in Nigeria.”

He is currently in an expansive office in Lekki area of Lagos. “That is where we are at present, but we have concluded plans to move to a place in Surulere and as time goes on, have another office in Ikeja area of Lagos too. Subsequently, we plan to open shop in Warri, Benin, Port Harcourt and Abuja. But for now, our main aim is seeing that the Lagos office is fully grounded.”

The primary goal of Filmavision in the country is to take the movie industry to a higher level and to also project the image of Nollywood to the outside world. “I have watched several Nollywood movies and also compared them with others abroad. Indeed, Nollywood movies are lacking something, which is production quality.”

This development spurred him into bringing in Tellavision into Nigeria “to see what can be done to improve the industry in Nigeria. Our mode of operation is to bringing modern day technology and experts to man these equipment.”

Nollywood Imadojemu said, “Is a market that has been well projected and also accepted by different people with different belief and culture all over the globe. People in Canada use some words that they had heard while watching a Nollywood movie, in their daily conversations, it shows you the popularity of our films, the challenge now is how to improve the quality of our productions, that is where Filmavision comes in.”

For Nollywood movies to occupy its position in the global film world and to be nominated for awards worldwide, scriptwriters as well as producers, Imadojemu said, need to make their “story comprehensive and guard against dragging of lines and scenes, and also get their organizations affiliated with top movie companies across the world so that the quality of their works would receive a big boost.”

One of the major challenges the equipment rentals expert said he might face as he makes a foray into the industry “is the issue of mafia in the industry. I hear the industry here is run like a mafia organization, it is like that the world over. People expect a newcomer to come and pay homage before he begins business. What I am telling people here is that I am not in Nigeria to take food from the mouth of people, the horizon is wide for all to operate, what I am coming in with is sophisticated equipment that would be of benefit to us all. Secondly, lack of public power supply is another challenge we are looking at. But all the same, Filmavision would be a household name in the next couple of years in Nollywood.

In a letter of endorsement signed by Tellavision’s president, Mr. Kris Wood, and dated December 12, 2008, Nigerian Filmavision comes highly recommended by the Canadian firm. Wood said: “Tellavision was established in Toronto, Canada in May 2001. Since that time, we have been providing production services to the local film and television industry. Our range of products and services includes: HD cameras, off-line post production, animation and visual effects.

“Our outstanding service and attention to detail has made us a trusted partner to many local and international customers. Tellavision’s client list includes: Sony pictures, Marvel Studio, Warner Brothers, Universal Studio, Alliance/Atlantis.”

Wood continued: “Tellavision partnered with Filmavision in December 2006 to attempt to share some of our expertise in the Nigerian film and television market. Our research shows that Nigeria is quickly becoming the most important production center in Africa and highly regarded around the world for it’s content capacity. It is our pleasure to formally introduce our relationship with Filmavision and endorse their efforts to support Nigerian productions. We ere offering our full resources and support to Henry Imadojemu and his team and look program will receive,” Wood submitted.

Imadojemu states Filmavision’s mission statement: “Filmavision Studios is an affiliate of Tellavision, Canada, that offers visual communication that works best for you. We know the difference between pretty pictures, effective editing, sound, corporate commercials, film/television reviews and event management strategies. Our services include a full analysis of your company’s need and extensive research to find the best quality solution, editing

Sound, video camera, 2/3 visual effects, event management

film/television review, page flyers

CD duplication/publisher, technology transfers. We work hard to meet deadline and ensure superior quality in our work.”

He continued: “We seek to render seamless, unequalled, unmatched services. We have the most sophisticated, state-off-the-art, edge cutting technology and highly trained personnel with our affiliates, technology transfer is guaranteed to improve the Nigeria media (motion picture), telling local stories in a global perspective in a problem meet solution